Career planning

The sky’s the limit but we must first sit down together and make realistic career goals. According to worldwide team memberships, you are competing in the most popularly played sport in the world. The N.B.A. and the F.I.B.A. have done an excellent job in promoting basketball over the past decades. There are hundreds of agents and thousands of players all fighting for your position. We will sit down and evaluate your talents and goals. First, we will make a three year career plan with you, with no longer than two years at one club and/or in the same country. Afterwards we will develop a new five year career plan where you are given the opportunity, if you haven’t received this yet, to exhibit your talents at the highest international levels. If you are such an individual that your basketball skills and career goes beyond eight years than you are an
exception(ave. pro b-ball career is less than 6 years) to the rule and obviously we will, just as
before, support and help you achieve your maximum pay-out in both exposure and salary.