Sunshine on The Courts - Basketball Agency

We are a service oriented basketball agency for both players and clubs. We know the game of basketball for more than 50 years. First as player, then as coach and during this time also as operations manager. We strive to create a win-win situation for all parties involved from players and coaches to their clubs because we have played at both ends of the court. As a player we have 10 years professional basketball experience in The Netherlands in which we competed in the top two international European club competitions and also European National & World Championships. We have coached all levels and age groups and have a good understanding of talent and what it takes to reach your goals. We are not a large agency but have just as many contacts as the “Big Fella” agencies so you can choose for them and become a plain and simple  number or you can make that choice for us and receive that extra added attention where we listen to your desires and your aspirations and place you in the right situation for you and not for the simplicity of the so called “Big Fella’s”.
Our goal and belief is always “Sunshine on The Courts”. Together with you, we will set up professional and realistic career goals. During this time we will negotiate your contracts and will guide you to secure financial stability so that you may have enough money in the basket at the end of your career to support yourself and family

Career planning

The sky’s the limit but we must first sit down together and make realistic career goals. According to worldwide team memberships, you are competing in the most popularly played sport in the world. The N.B.A. and the F.I.B.A. have done an excellent job in promoting basketball over the past decades. 

Contract Negotiations

We have ten years of experience in managing basketball contract negotiations. We have 25 years business experience in negotiating commodity contracts for Cargill Inc., financial consultant contracts with Merrill Lynch, export/trade contracts with distributors in Eastern Europe for Friesland/Campina Dairy Foods and eight years of experience in negotiating our own sport marketing contracts.

Financial Guidance

We want to assist you and your family succeed financially, however, we realize that financial success and “money in the basket” varies differently per individual and family. This could include the desire for financial security and self-sufficiency or the desire to just become financially literate. It could also include the desire to be disciplined and focused on spending and saving so you can afford your own home, start or grow a business, save for the education of your children or for your spouse


We believe in teamwork, integrity and open communication right from the beginning. We expect this from you as well, whether you are a player or a club. We will discuss this with you before we sign any agreement. Above all, we will be honest with you. We can’t guarantee you anything, though we know you want to hear this and most likely will hear this from others. From our experience as a player, a coach and operations manager our goal is to indeed go undefeated and satisfy all parties involved, however, we believe this is being unrealistic to you. We can only do our best and will do so to find you the player and you the club the ideal match.